The Association of The Ovaherero Genocide In The U.S.A (AOG). was launched on January 12th , 2008, at the Holiday Inn, Orangeburg, New York with about fifty people in attendance. It was on that date, January 12th , 1904 that the Ovaherero rose up against the occupying German military colonial forces in Namibia, which resulted in 81% of the Ovaherero being exterminated by Germany. Mr. Veraa Katuuo served as the master of ceremonies.

Dr. Ngondi A. Kamaṱuka gave a lecture on “The Ovaherero Genocide 1904- 1908”. Dr. Tunee Meschack Tjirongo spoke about “The Historical Development of The Association of The Ovaherero Genocide In The U.S.A." Ms. Nyoko Muvangua, who was visiting from Namibia, made remarks about the critical role youth could play in issues pertaining to the Ovaherero genocide.

Ms. Vepuka Kauari read the official declaration of the launch of The Association. A reception was held at the home of Mr. Veraa Katuuo and Ms. Vepuka Kauari following the launch activities. Membership in The Association is open to anyone who subscribes to the principles of The Association, and supports The Association’s Constitution and By-Laws. Only paid members are eligible to be elected to serve on The Association’s leadership positions.